3 Beauty Courses to Help You Capitalise on Pinterest's 2018 Trends

3 Beauty Courses to Help You Capitalise on Pinterest's 2018 Trends

10 April 2018
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Do you frequently browse Pinterest to find all the latest and greatest beauty ideas? If so, you'll love the Pinterest 100—a curated list of all the top trends for 2018. If you want to make sure your beauty business booms this year, looking at these crazes and phases is a great way to find the most profitable cosmetics skills to learn.

Here are 3 Pinterest-inspired, on-trend beauty courses you should take in 2018 to reel in more customers and boost your earnings.

Eyelash Extension Course

2017 was the year of beautiful brows, with microblading featuring as one of the top trends. In 2018, however, the focus has shifted from eyebrows to eyelashes. Searches for lashes are up 152% this year as people scour the web for ways to make them look fuller and more luscious. As a beautician, you can solve the problem of thin and wispy eyelashes with extensions. Taking an eyelash extensions course will show you how to apply synthetic lashes to the eyes for a long, thick and natural look. As eyelash extensions need to be removed and redone regularly, learning how to reapply them will net you a lot of repeat customers.

Dermarolling Course

One of the biggest Pinterest beauty trends for 2018 is dermarolling (also known as micro-needling), with a whopping 345% increase in saves. Dermarollers are small devices that roll medical-grade needles across the skin, stimulating it to regenerate and repair. Dermarolling is used to solve a variety of problems, from wrinkles to stretch marks and acne scars. Since it can be dangerous to do at home, particularly on the face, many people are willing to pay a lot of money to have it done by a professional. A dermarolling course will give you the skills you need to perform this popular treatment safely and effectively, earning you big profits in 2018. Like eyelash extensions, dermarolling is also a great source of repeat business because it's usually performed as a course of treatments.

Nail Design Course

Nail design is ever-popular, so if you're not already trained in it, you could be losing out on a lot of potential customers. Even if you've done a course in nail art before, you may want to consider yearly refreshers because favoured styles change regularly. This year, geometric nails are taking centre stage with an 83% increase in searches. These designs use sharp angles, colour-blocking and negative space to create eye-catching looks. Geometric designs can be complex to do on your own hands, so many people will be looking to a professional to help them achieve this style. Best of all, like both the aforementioned procedures, manicure customers will keep coming back for more if you know your stuff.