Hairdressing Supplies for Your New Home Salon

Hairdressing Supplies for Your New Home Salon

30 April 2018
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If you're thinking of setting up a salon at home, obviously your first step is to check with the state agency that provides business licenses, to see if you can actually run a business from home, and to note what might need to be done to bring your home up to local codes for businesses. However, once you've done that and are ready to set up your home salon, note a few hairdressing supplies you'll need to get, to ensure you run your business easily, even from home.


Your own home lighting may not be sufficient for illuminating the seating area of your customers, so consider lighting you can add around the mirrors you'll have installed, and freestanding lights that you can move around the customer as needed. Freestanding lights meant for salons are different than standard lamps, as they have larger areas that are lighted, no shade to get in the way of the light, and a gooseneck that allows you to bend and position the light as needed.

Tool organizers

Obviously you'll need hair dryers, curling irons, and other such tools for your salon, but you'll also need a place to put them on your styling station, so that cords don't get tangled. You may also want to keep the curlers plugged in without accidentally touching them and burning yourself. Invest in organizers meant for salon tools and which you can put right on the styling station, or even on the back of the customer's chair, so everything is neat and at your fingertips.

Pin board for hair colour samples

Very often salons will display small swatches of hair that show off the choices of hair dye that are available. Since room in your home salon might be limited, consider a pin board for these swatches. You can pin them to the board and then hang it on the wall like art, so it's out of the way but still very visible for your clients.

Cape or apron

While you want to get capes for your clients to wear during a shampoo and cut, you might also stock up on some capes or aprons for yourself. This will ensure you protect your own clothes from dyes and other chemicals, and will also keep you dry if you should splash water during a shampooing! Capes and aprons meant for stylists will also have front pockets that allow you to keep your scissors, combs, and other supplies at hand, so you're not constantly reaching to the styling station to retrieve every item you need.