As Old As You Feel: An Integrated Approach to Reducing Your Biological Age

As Old As You Feel: An Integrated Approach to Reducing Your Biological Age

6 June 2018
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As the saying goes, you're only as old as you feel. While you might think that it's only a saying, clinical studies have suggested that it can be true, and you are essentially only as old as you feel. So, how old do you feel? It can come down to a difference between your chronological age (your age in years) and your biological age (your age in terms of your health). For example, a fit and healthy sixty year old woman is likely to feel younger than a sixty year old woman with health concerns.

It can really be that straightforward. Reduction of your biological age can be achieved with an integrated approach, wherein your health and wellbeing is optimised using a variety of applicable methods. This can be complemented by anti-ageing treatments that minimise the physical signs of aging.

So what are some of the ways in which you can reduce your biological age?

Your Specific Concerns

The better you feel, the younger you can feel. This might seem straightforward enough, and yet the term "better" is relative. Everyone is different, and using integrative medicine to reduce your particular biological age will be dependent on addressing your specific health concerns. This could involve sitting down with your doctor or healthcare professional to discuss your ongoing treatment. For example, if you have diabetes, an assessment can determine whether or not you're doing everything you can to best manage the condition. If your issues are more psychological, such as stress and anxiety, your doctor can refer you to a counsellor. Reducing your biological age really can require a multi-faceted approach.

Your General Improvement

Many methods for reducing your biological age can fall under the banner head of general improvement. This can involve modifying your lifestyle, such as increasing your level of physical activity, reducing your alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, improving your diet and perhaps even starting nutritional supplements. These ideas are hardly revolutionary, and yet are the most efficient way to reduce your biological age. It can be helpful to meet with a specialist in anti-ageing integrative medicine in order to get help for implementing these ideas into your daily life. Sitting down with your doctor can also be beneficial, particularly if you're a candidate for any type of hormone replacement therapy (which can be of assistance to both men and women).

Your Physical Appearance

Though receiving cosmetic therapy can make you look younger, it's not going to assist your biological age by itself. Any improvements will strictly only be cosmetic. And yet, anti-ageing treatments can be beneficial for reducing your biological age when utilised alongside other types of integrated treatment. This doesn't mean that you should undergo cosmetic surgery to reflect your soon-to-be reduced biological age, but some types of skin care treatment can be highly effective. Your outward appearance will be non-invasively brought into line with how old you feel inside. This can be a skincare regime designed specially for you (to use at home), or even a type of exfoliation, such as microdermabrasion.

Reducing your biological age isn't going to be without effort, and yet isn't it worth it in order to feel (and look) younger and healthier? Being as old as you feel can be a wonderful thing when your biological age is significantly lower than your chronological age.